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Feedback on our work from VA-Seattle Hospital

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Just wanted to thank you for helping provide the MICU/CCU staff training on moral distress. This is such an important topic to address in order to foster their ability to personally manage morally distressing events more effectively and reduce burnout.

The Mindfulness and Resiliency training was particularly beneficial to the staff because it outlined, in detail, techniques and examples that could be used to manage the challenging patient or/and family scenarios. It has empowered the MICU/CCU staff to work collaboratively with each other to acknowledge when these situations occur and know when they need to pull in additional resources for further support and insight. Providing an environment that nurtures and supports nurses is essential in maintaining a healthy and stable workforce.

l believe all nurses would benefit greatly from Mindfulness and Resiliency Training so they can learn to work more effectively through ethically and morally challenging events that occur in healthcare.

Thank you again, Melissa Carlson



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