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Healthcare Workers and Hospitals

Why Healthcare needs Resilience and Mindfulness training

The emotional stress associated with caring for seriously ill patients and their families can be painful and has been shown to lead to profound suffering, burnout, decreased satisfaction, disrupted personal relationships, and moral distress.

We offer training via Zoom or in Person.

Mindfulness is a dosage-related phenomenon, so we recommend an extended course of 1-2 hours once a month for a few months. But we can work with your needs and create short single-event curriculums. 

Nurse Talking to Patient

Who we are

Spira Mindful Wellness developed a lecture series specifically targeting social and emotional issues in healthcare. Our goal is to help reduce feelings of emotional distress and to provide a forum to engage the unique struggles inherent to a career in healthcare. By presenting thoroughly researched topics in science, philosophy, and history, connecting Eastern wisdom with Western Science, we provide more than just research statistics, we provide an effective tool kit designed specifically for nurses and other health care clinicians.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to educate and empower front-line care providers working with patients and families by developing a deeper understanding of mindfulness that can be utilized as a tool for skillful awareness at the bedside.   Our philosophy is grounded in concepts from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and yoga.  Evidence supporting the medical benefits of mindfulness has been widely documented and continues to increase in quality and quantity.  Practitioners who practice meditation have been shown to be more effective at motivating patients and are less susceptible to the effects of burn out.

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