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How it started...

Professionals of all kinds started coming to Dora’s yoga classes the second she opened Spira Power Yoga in 2011. Many took Dora’s 200-Hour Mindfulness and Yoga Journey and her 40 Days of Introspection workshop.  Through this journey, they realized how much the mindfulness training was helping with their challenges outside the yoga class.

These students, some doctors, nurses, high-tech workers, teachers, and government employees all kept saying the same thing;  “Dora, you should take this mindfulness program out of the yoga box. This is life stuff; people need it.” 


So, after so many requests, Dora decided to establish a teaching methodology strictly on mindful living with or without the use of yoga asana. Over the 10 ten years, she has distilled the most effective lessons; she named it M3B-Method.

Dora Gyarmati

A forever student who is passionate about teaching

Inventor of M3B Method®, and Owner of Spira Power Yoga® Studio

Dora has been teaching mindfulness and yoga since 2009; as her teaching experience and knowledge grew, she started noticing a worrisome trend, first in the yoga community then in the wider mindfulness education platforms.

The more prevalent yoga and mindfulness became in the mainstream, the less mindful both yoga and mindfulness education became. (As always, with respect to exceptions, there are still a few responsible educators, but most offerings in the mainstream have been simplified to fit marketing, profitability, and business strategy.)


For certain, one cause of this problem was the arrival of Instagram and other social media platforms that completely rid these practices of their original meaning and turned them into little more than acrobatic competitions and platforms for harmful perfectionism.

Image by Hans Vivek

The other reason for the loss of value has been the reductionist approach to mindfulness. The scientific method is a wonderful tool; we should absolutely use it for researching medicines and vaccinations, but not mindfulness. All that the scientific method can do for mindfulness is to break it apart for measuring purposes, these parts being breath mediation and body awareness. The problem is that once you break mindfulness out of its humanistic moral wisdom teaching and present it only as self-help, it stops being mindful. Mindfulness is a wisdom tradition; it is embedded in philosophy, in meaning formation, in mysticism... and, yes, breath practices.


So Dora decided to go against the commercial stream and dove into creating a curriculum that brings back Ancient Wisdom teachings, weaving, Eastern and Western Philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and neuroscience and formulated them to fit a culturally diverse 21st-century.

Most programs will only provide a short-term relief that you can measure statistically, but then its effect disappears. 
M3B-Method lectures will provide a platform for deep thinking, self-awareness, and understanding, which are the basis for the possibility of real change.

Dora is also an ERYT and the owner of Spira Power Yoga® studio.  Dora’s European heritage and education in both the sciences and the humanities created a unique style. This style blends Eastern and Western theological, literary, and scientific traditions that are reflected in both her yoga teaching and mindfulness lectures.


Dora has a BA in Art History and a BS in Neurobiology from the University of California San Diego. She worked in immunology research prior to her business and yoga career.

Dora believes a good teacher never stops being a student. She continues to take continuing education workshops and attends university lectures online regularly. She is also an avid reader, believing that the deepest education comes from our own hunger for curiosity, reading and studying literature, spiritual studies, philosophy, and science.

Picture: Dora with recent graduates of 200-HR Mindfulness and Yoga Journey

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Listen to Dora's opening speech at WASHAA conference in 2019

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