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What We Do

In our current culture, we see mindfulness videos, books, and lecture series everywhere. So, have you ever wondered why burnout, job dissatisfaction, mental illness, addiction, and self-centered behavior are on the rise?

There is a catch-22 to Mindfulness. Yes, one needs to develop breath practices for emotional regulation, and one needs to take care of the self, BUT if that is all that we teach, we end up teaching too much self-focus, which leads to harmful narcissism and perfectionism.


Ancient Wisdom literature never stopped at simply lecturing on the breath. That was the first step; after that came many, many more books on the human condition, on how to be responsible in a society, on how to let go of the self-centered life and live more for others, on how to find joy and meaning even during the most difficult moments.

The WHY behind our teaching

So what changed? Why is Mindfulness Marketed as strictly Self-Improvement?

Because humans, by our very nature, can be addicted to anything, if there is a promise to "not feel pain" or "avoid discomfort," we will find a way. Of course, there are times when these are good choices (that is part of learning how to be mindful). Unfortunately, consumer culture does not try to teach us responsible choices; it simply found a way to rid mindfulness practices of anything that was not about "make me feel better" since that is the only thing that is sellable in the marketable.

Too much focus on the self actually makes us more miserable, but that is not a problem if your goal is to make more money since the more miserable folks feel, the more they will try to search for a solution to fix themselves. And on and on it goes.

(As always, with respect to exceptions, there are still a few responsible educators, but most offerings in the mainstream have been simplified to fit marketing, profitability, and business strategy.)

  1. M3B-Method™ will give you the tools necessary to develop a mindfulness practice that is founded on self-awareness without fostering harmful overt self-preoccupation.

  2. We teach emotional intelligence without the trap of current mindfulness practices that simply emphasize "feeling better" by breathing better, which can become another avenue of avoidance.

  3. Our goal is to enhance emotional availability that is controlled in even the most stressful situations since it is only through full awareness that one can make better choices.

Our lectures cover the following topics:

  • Stress Management

  • Resilience Training

  • Mindfulness

  • Developing constructive staff relationships

  • Burnout prevention - the search for meaning when we are in darkness

  • Balancing the Self with the Team

  • The role of Nutrition and Excercise in Mindfulness and everyday

What we do
and why
is different:

Who can benefit?

  •   High-stress workplaces, such as hospitals, paramedic stations, courthouses, and workers in correctional facilities.

  •  Corporations

  • Any community that is struggling with burnout and staff satisfaction

Organizations that worked with us in the past

VA Hospital nursing staff

Seattle First Responders and Paramedics


Puget Sound Oncology Nursing Summit Self-Care Summit

Seattle Children's Hospital

WASHAA 7th Annual Meeting

2019 National Teaching Institute Meeting Orlando, Florida

Seattle Nursing Research Conference 2019

King County Juvenile Court - Retreat Summit 2021

Dora, over the past 25 years, has thoroughly researched topics in science, philosophy, literature, and history across Eastern and Western wisdom traditions and science. Over a lifetime of reading and learning and over 15 years of teaching this material, Dora distilled out major pillars of ancient wisdom and formulated them to fit a culturally diverse 21st-century.

M3B-Method will not just provide a short-term relief that you can measure statistically, but then its effect disappears; these lectures will provide deep thinking, searching and understanding, and the possibility of real change.

What is the source of our material?

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